Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Diet Proof Read

One of my readers sent me this summary of her diet for a day. (I have her permission to share this with you, of course!) I show this to you in hopes that you may find similar dietary habits and learn how to fix them. I am not a fan of giving someone a complete diet makeover without meeting them in the middle. I do this to give them a better chance at lasting change and to teach them how to clean up their diet no matter what circumstances they run into!

"Breakfast -1-2 bowls of cereal (usually Raisin Brand or Chex), Orange Juice, sometimes I'll eat fruit too. I'll usually have coffee 1-2 cups throughout the morning with whole milk and sugar."
The problem with this breakfast is the huge insulin bomb you're sending your body. Insulin bomb ---> fat storage. I see lots of carbs and very little protein. The protein in your whole milk probably isn't enough to negate the insulin spike. The reason we like protein paired with carbs is because it lessens the damage from the high carbs. As a rule of thumb, if you're ever going to eat high carb, pair it with protein. Also, although OJ is a great source of vitamin C (and tastes dang good) I'd rather see you eat an orange! Eating actual fruits are less calories with way more vitamins and minerals than the fruit juice. Win-win in my book.
Simple Suggestions - If you're going to eat cereal, choose one with the least amount of additives, lower carbs, low sugar and pair it with non-fat milk. If you need to sweeten it, use stevia, truvia or xylitol. 
Simple Alternatives - Scrambled eggs, Protein Pancakes, Oatmeal, Fruit and non-fat yogurt

"Lunch - I'm usually in my car running around during lunch time so unfortunately I end up doing the fast food run. I'll usually get a burger, fries, and a coke or something."
This is such a common problem and probably my favorite to talk about! Why? 1: Because I've been there, life is busy, I completely understand. And 2: I think it is not doing anyone any good to tell them there is no hope at fast food. We're living in a society where fast food is a part of many people's daily lives - we cannot expect them to ditch it altogether over night. That's a whole 'nother blog post, essay, novel I could write. YOU HAVE TO MEET PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE AT. When you're at fast food burger joint try and get your burger lettuce wrapped.  If they don't offer it, chuck that bread as soon as it gets in your car and make the wrap yourself. I know it ain't pretty, but it'll get you through! You're saving yourself a couple hundred calories and lots of carbs. If that doesn't fill you up, get 2 lettuce wraps! I've been there, I've done that.
Simple Suggestions - Try to get lettuce wraps of your favorite burgers. Hold the mayo. Ditch the fries and get 2 lettuce wraps instead. Have iced-tea or water to drink.
Simple Alternatives - Lettuce wraps, chicken tenders, grilled chicken sandwiches (sans the bun of course)

"Dinner - Dinner I try to cook at home. I'm not a huge fan of cooking, so I try to do what is simple and easy like pasta, hamburger helper, baked potatoes, 
I feel you girl, I am so not a cook. I spent as little time in the kitchen as I can. The problem with these dinners is again, high carbs with little to no protein. To improve this I'd suggest crock pot dinners, baking veggies with Mrs. Dash seasonings, and maybe try and make your carb a side dish instead of the main dish. I'm a huge fan of crock pot meals because I don't really have to do much! I just throw in some chicken with seasoning and when its done you could make your own chicken tacos, chicken salad or just plain eat the chicken alone!
Simple Suggestions - Instead of pasta, try Miracle Noodles or spaghetti squash. Crock pot dinners that you prep in the morning and don't look at it again until dinner such as salsa chicken, turkey chili, etc.
Simple Alternatives - Baked fish, crock pot chicken, spaghetti squash, turkey burgers

"Late night - While I'm watching tv with the kids at night we'll usually have ice cream or some cookies. Nothing too big"
Late night snacks are not necessarily horrible if you choose the right foods. People like having a snack with their weekly favorite shows. (The Voice, anyone?) Late at night I want to see protein or low carbs. Remember, we don't want that insulin spike especially late at night. Instead of eating fattening ice cream check out Arctic Zone ice cream. I think the main ingredient is water or something. It's super low in calories! A whole pint is 150 calories! Heaven sent, right? Alternatively for a warm treat cut up some apples and microwave them with cinnamon. Tastes like crust-less, guilt-free, apple pie!
Simple Suggestions - Make your late night snacks some sort of protein or make sure its low in carbs.
Simple Alternatives - Arctic Zone ice cream, Protein Pudding, Warmed fruit with cinnamon or alternative sweetener, Metabolic Effect cocoa drink

Do you see any similarities with your diet? I have another diet that I will proof read for your guys soon! The next diet is from someone further in their clean eating journey but isn't seeing the results she wants. Remember, if you're not seeing the results you want we most likely need to clean up your diet a little! Little adjustments can lead to big change! I'm not an advocate for a perfectly clean diet for everyone, because not everyone is trying to have a "perfect" body. I just always want to help people get a clean-er diet! If you would like your diet proof read please e-mail it to me at fitgirl91@gmail.com "attn: Proof Read My Diet!" Please include if you give me permission to anonymously post your review on FitGirlDaily.

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