Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Clean Treats

Alright so now that you're a clean eater you will never taste a morsel of a delicious, so-bad-you'd-want-to-cry desserts ever again right? Wrong! These recipes are so good you'd assume they were dirty!  These aren't my recipes, but instead, a collection I've gathered for you to try!

Recipe Credit: Jill Coleman at 
Yes, I said glaze. Bet you never thought you'd hear the words cake, glaze and clean all in the same sentence. Jill is seriously one of my idols. Look at that, I talk like we're on a first name basis. (She has no idea who I am)

Recipe credit: Little b at Little b's Healthy Habits
These taste amazing! I do mine sans the peanut butter though. She has tons of other great recipes too like an amazing Lemon Raspberry Protein Loaf so make sure you check out her blog!

These have to be one of my favorite things ever. An entire pint is only 150 calories! Don't believe me? Check out their nutrition information. I buy these at my local Ralphs. I've tried Mint Chocolate Cookie and Coffee. Both were amazing!

Recipe Credit: Natalie Hodson
I have yet to try this dessert but these sound really good and I've only heard great things! I love easy treats that I don't have to do much with. I'm not a huge kitchen girl, so the less prep the better! I always love finding guilt-less treats I can eat before bed too!

Recipe Credit: Jamie Eason at
Don't these just look so unclean you wouldn't even want to be in the same room as this dessert? Jamie is one of my huge inspirations! She has so many great recipes. I also adore the fact that she's only 5'2 and has made it as a fitness model. I'm 5'2. BFF? It could happen...

Alright, so there's 5 treats to get you started! Feel better now that you can still enjoy some treats?
PS. I just noticed that the majority of these are chocolate inspired. I think you can see where my taste buds wander to ;)

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