Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Shoes!

Look what arrived for me in the mail today! SO EXCITED! I have a few pairs of Nike Frees that I bought around 6 months ago, but I've put a good amount of miles on them. My dad calls them "clown shoes".... whatever, men...... I love them!

So far, I love Nike Frees more than any other running shoe I've ever owned. Plus they're stylish... I know that shouldn't matter as much as what my foot needs, blah blah blah.... but let's be honest, when we feel better about how we look during a workout, most likely we'll have a better workout! If I'm feeling comfortable and cute, I tend to run harder. Maybe I'm just stupid (vain, hah!) but it works for me! And besides the fact that I bought them for $90 (they're usually about $100).... these make me faster ;) (At least I can keep telling myself that, right?!)

I used to be all about the "support" shoe, but after my bad experiences with some (fallen off toe nail, pain on my medial ankle, etc.) and the more I've learned about feet and how important foot strength and mobility are as we age, I changed my perspective. I'm more for learning to strengthen your feet muscles now instead of depending on a shoe and paying for it later.

What about you? Do you think looking "better" for a workout, makes your work out turn out better?

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