Thursday, February 2, 2012

A little update!

I officially signed up for my second half marathon! D-Day is April 1st :) I'm so antsy to start training and improve my time. I KNOW I will be better prepared for race number two. I am determined to train better and improve my nutrition to take minutes off my finish time! This time I also won't get distracted by Disney characters, so that will help too ;)

Also, my 21st birthday is on Sunday and truthfully I've barely thought about it! This is my last milestone birthday for a while, why am I not more excited?! I already feel like I celebrated last weekend at the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon by staying at the Disneyland hotel. So so SO magical! There are only two things I possibly want for my birthday and that's a Garmin running watch with GPS and heart rate monitor and sunglasses (I literally have ONE pair thats from Avon! LOL!) Anyone have a runner's watch recommendation?

I plan on blogging my entire training plan up until the race! Tomorrow I start up running again. I will probably see how the Jeff Galloway approach goes (run 30sec then walk 30sec) and see how that goes. I am determined to become a runner despite my short stature and "pear" shape!

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