Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Shoes!

Look what arrived for me in the mail today! SO EXCITED! I have a few pairs of Nike Frees that I bought around 6 months ago, but I've put a good amount of miles on them. My dad calls them "clown shoes".... whatever, men...... I love them!

So far, I love Nike Frees more than any other running shoe I've ever owned. Plus they're stylish... I know that shouldn't matter as much as what my foot needs, blah blah blah.... but let's be honest, when we feel better about how we look during a workout, most likely we'll have a better workout! If I'm feeling comfortable and cute, I tend to run harder. Maybe I'm just stupid (vain, hah!) but it works for me! And besides the fact that I bought them for $90 (they're usually about $100).... these make me faster ;) (At least I can keep telling myself that, right?!)

I used to be all about the "support" shoe, but after my bad experiences with some (fallen off toe nail, pain on my medial ankle, etc.) and the more I've learned about feet and how important foot strength and mobility are as we age, I changed my perspective. I'm more for learning to strengthen your feet muscles now instead of depending on a shoe and paying for it later.

What about you? Do you think looking "better" for a workout, makes your work out turn out better?

Forever A Student

Something that you may not know, well I'm sure you don't know, is that I have been going to school for what seems like forever. I worked HARD in high school, played sports, community service, had a job, took AP and college courses (you know, typical nerd stuff). The result of my hard work was that I went straight to a 4 year university, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) exactly. I started off my first year taking as many classes as I could, declaring a double major (history and psychology) and finished up my first year (should be freshman going on sophomore) as a junior. Then, well.... I left. I moved back home for many reasons:
  1. I thought to myself, "why in the world am I double majoring?"
  2. Is UCSB really the place for me?
  3. Why in the world am I not satisfied with my education?
  4. Why spend ALL THIS MONEY when I'm having doubts on my choice of study?

I've always been in a nerd in the sense that I love to learn and to this day I still do but why was I not satisfied? I was getting great grades by the passion wasn't there.....

Enter: LOVE of science and health.

There is a reason why I bolded, highlighted, and underlined love.

One class that totally stood out to me at UCSB was my AIDS/Immune System class. I was SO fascinated the entire time at how amazing our bodies are. This inspired me to start taking science courses at my local community college. Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nutrition, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Personal Training, Physiology....okay, I know, I'm a complete nerd. I loved every single class.

^ See, complete loser that I totally want that shirt.

My boyfriend is always telling me I should "just become a doctor already!" (His voice haunts my dreams!) I've always considered it, but then I remember that drawing blood FREAKS ME OUT. I usually pass out when I have to get an IV or my blood drawn. I guess I can X that idea :/

So, if you couldn't tell already, I have an interest in a lot of things but I have yet to figure out the perfect career for me. Lately I've been inspired to become a Registered Dietician (RD). We'll see how promising that ends up becoming I've already "wanted to become..." a million other things. One day all my loser-ish, reading about scientific research for fun, habits will pay off.... or maybe I'll be a student forever. That pays well, right....? *sigh*

Or maybe... just maybe this will be my fate...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Monday Monday!

Workout: 5.01miles
PR 1 mile: 7:29

Feeling better today about running, but now my left knee hurts. Hopefully it will go away by tomorrow. Long day of work and hopefully working legs out at the gym!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A little update!

I officially signed up for my second half marathon! D-Day is April 1st :) I'm so antsy to start training and improve my time. I KNOW I will be better prepared for race number two. I am determined to train better and improve my nutrition to take minutes off my finish time! This time I also won't get distracted by Disney characters, so that will help too ;)

Also, my 21st birthday is on Sunday and truthfully I've barely thought about it! This is my last milestone birthday for a while, why am I not more excited?! I already feel like I celebrated last weekend at the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon by staying at the Disneyland hotel. So so SO magical! There are only two things I possibly want for my birthday and that's a Garmin running watch with GPS and heart rate monitor and sunglasses (I literally have ONE pair thats from Avon! LOL!) Anyone have a runner's watch recommendation?

I plan on blogging my entire training plan up until the race! Tomorrow I start up running again. I will probably see how the Jeff Galloway approach goes (run 30sec then walk 30sec) and see how that goes. I am determined to become a runner despite my short stature and "pear" shape!
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