Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Accountability, Reality, Let's Do This!


Just as much as I want to use this site as a means of providing useful information to help women (and anyone else who stumbles upon my blog!) I want to use this site as a place of accountability. I will share my journey and whatever struggles I may face along the way in hopes of keeping myself honest and real. I want to bridge the gap between those who easily implement the "clean lifestyle" and those who struggle, or who may have never really heard of "clean eating" and time efficient metabolically disturbing workouts before. I consider myself the middle (wo)man in some ways - I've been on both sides of the spectrum so I am sympathetic towards both. That being said I hope you will appreciate my realness and even more so, I hope that you will join me in striving to live a healthier lifestyle!

A year ago I was consistently eating lean turkey burgers with spinach, egg whites for breakfast, home made protein bars, iced green tea, lots of veggies and fruit. Today I can't say I'm practicing that same lifestyle. I could use the excuse of being busy (I am a college student and working), it was JUST the holidays (over a month ago? Am I still allowed to use that? hmmm....) or even "I'm tryyyyyyying!!!" But let's be real, I'm not trying as hard as I could. Yes, life does get hectic but we can always make the best decision possible given any circumstance.

I could beat myself up for eating a bagel for breakfast and a huge sandwich for lunch and just say to the hell with it and have a pity party for myself while shoving Craisins in my mouth and start the whole over indulging, emotional eating cycle all over again. OR maybe, just MAYBE I could accept the fact that I messed up. It is done. I can't erase it (even though my tummy would LOVE that as its bloated, retaining water, making me sleepy, etc.) I didn't make the best choices then but I can do things now to get back on track! I am the product of my own choices and I am choosing to let it go. Look at that, I have the POWER to let it all go and move forward. Too often we forget that we are the ones holding ourselves back. Never forget that you are in control! The best things I can do now to get myself back on track are:

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. DO NOT SKIP DINNER! I need to keep my metabolism moving.
  3. Have a dinner filled with lean protein and veggies. No starchy carbs - I've already had my share for the day (or rest of the week! hah)
  4. Truly LET IT GO. I will not let myself dwell on what my choices were this morning. I can only affect what choices I will make next.
  5. Get right back on track tomorrow.

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