Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Half Marathon = WIN!

This past weekend I proudly finished my FIRST Half Marathon. Granite, I know it was a Disney marathon so it wasn't exactly the most competitive event but nonetheless I am proud!

Alright, so the title of this blog is a little deceiving... I didn't exactly win the race...the girl in the picture above won.... but I still feel like a winner!

For all of you new(er) runners out there, maybe you can relate, but your mind can go crazy in the minutes before your race starts!
My thoughts exactly:

  1. Its definitely not as cold as I thought I'd be standing out here at 5:30AM.
  2. Can I really do this? I mean, its 13 miles.... I've never run that far
  3. All of these women have to be way better trained than me.
  4. PACE PACE PACE! My biggest fear was to give out before the end. 
Then Tinker Bell gave us all in corral C the go and my nerves calm (for the most part). It was still slightly overwhelming to think about: "I am about to run for 2 hours while my family sleeps in the hotel."
Miles 1 and 2 weren't bad, however my stomach started screaming at me. Lesson 1: Never have dairy before a race. Stupid stupid stupid especially since I already have an extremely sensitive stomach. Running mile 3 through the park was magical, I was so pumped up by all the characters then at mile 4 I  spotted my amazing boyfriend cheering me on which pumped me up even more. Such a happy story so far, right? Now it goes down hill....

Mile 5 I thought I was going to crap my pants! I had to go to the bathroom soo bad, it was like my insides were screaming! Luckily the route was basically lined with Porta Pottis but I was so mad at myself for having to stop. Totally killed 5-10 minutes in there.

Lesson 2: Mile 5-8 are my worst. Its the point where my thoughts become:
  • Why in the world am I doing this?
  • I won't finish. I can't finish. 
This is where I started walk/jog intervals (high emphasis on the walk part at first!) I started to get nervous that I'd die out before the end if I pushed it too much. PACE PACE PACE...right?

Mile 9-13 something inside of me sparked, my stomach finally calmed from the potty break, and I was determined to finish the race strong! I ran the entire last portion and lessened my "expected finish time" by 5 whole minutes! My poor boyfriend ended up missing me at the finish because the runDisney tracker didn't update him that I had finally achieved my second wind and picked up speed after my last split! 


I fought. I turned deep red in the face. I made dramatic gasping (so un-cute) noises. My hair was everywhere. BUT I had never been so proud of myself in my life! I cannot WAIT to compete in my next race and I plan on improving dramatically.

1. I will train more (4 runs in January is not acceptable)
2. I will not get sick TWICE in January and ONCE in December (hence why I barely ran!)
3. No dairy pre-race. Ever.


What is one thing you could do RIGHT NOW to benefit your health? Drink more water! Water is essential, refreshing and your body needs this nutrient!

Here are some rough estimates to show you how vital water is to the body:

  • Muscle consists of 75% water
  • Brain consists of 90% of water
  • Bone consists of 22% of water
  • Blood consists of 83% water

         " [Water] acts as a building material; as a solvent, reaction                        medium and reactant; as a carrier for nutrients and waste products;                            in thermoregulation; and as a lubricant and shock absorber." (Source)

Basically what all this science "jumbo" tells us is that water is SUPER important! Since water consumes that much of our body, it makes sense how much even slight dehydrated can throw your body out of sync. I know for a fact that when I'm busy running errands, cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc. I neglect to consume as much water as I should. Then I WONDER why I'm feeling tired and then (sometimes!) suddenly think, "man I'm thirsty". My body ends up screaming at me "c'mon woman, give me something here!" I know, I'm guilty of it too... to reach for the coffee or the energy drinks. Why do that when all my body really needs is a cup of water?

I challenge you to reach for a glass of water before you head for the cup of coffee to "wake you up" or to get rid of fatigue. If plane water isn't your favorite, try adding a little lemon for some flavor or even some iced tea! If you are STILL tired I suggest having a little snack (nuts like almonds are a GREAT energy boost, keep you full and actually help keep you mentally focused!) Then, if you MUST, reach for the coffee ;)

So... where do you start? As a basic guide, divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces of water per day. Each person is different but just making small strides to consume more water can only benefit you in the long run. You'll want to add more ounces to that number that that if you consume coffee (caffeine) or workout during the day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Accountability, Reality, Let's Do This!


Just as much as I want to use this site as a means of providing useful information to help women (and anyone else who stumbles upon my blog!) I want to use this site as a place of accountability. I will share my journey and whatever struggles I may face along the way in hopes of keeping myself honest and real. I want to bridge the gap between those who easily implement the "clean lifestyle" and those who struggle, or who may have never really heard of "clean eating" and time efficient metabolically disturbing workouts before. I consider myself the middle (wo)man in some ways - I've been on both sides of the spectrum so I am sympathetic towards both. That being said I hope you will appreciate my realness and even more so, I hope that you will join me in striving to live a healthier lifestyle!

A year ago I was consistently eating lean turkey burgers with spinach, egg whites for breakfast, home made protein bars, iced green tea, lots of veggies and fruit. Today I can't say I'm practicing that same lifestyle. I could use the excuse of being busy (I am a college student and working), it was JUST the holidays (over a month ago? Am I still allowed to use that? hmmm....) or even "I'm tryyyyyyying!!!" But let's be real, I'm not trying as hard as I could. Yes, life does get hectic but we can always make the best decision possible given any circumstance.

I could beat myself up for eating a bagel for breakfast and a huge sandwich for lunch and just say to the hell with it and have a pity party for myself while shoving Craisins in my mouth and start the whole over indulging, emotional eating cycle all over again. OR maybe, just MAYBE I could accept the fact that I messed up. It is done. I can't erase it (even though my tummy would LOVE that as its bloated, retaining water, making me sleepy, etc.) I didn't make the best choices then but I can do things now to get back on track! I am the product of my own choices and I am choosing to let it go. Look at that, I have the POWER to let it all go and move forward. Too often we forget that we are the ones holding ourselves back. Never forget that you are in control! The best things I can do now to get myself back on track are:

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. DO NOT SKIP DINNER! I need to keep my metabolism moving.
  3. Have a dinner filled with lean protein and veggies. No starchy carbs - I've already had my share for the day (or rest of the week! hah)
  4. Truly LET IT GO. I will not let myself dwell on what my choices were this morning. I can only affect what choices I will make next.
  5. Get right back on track tomorrow.

Reasons To Be Fit

Reasons To Be Fit should definitely be one of the next sites that you bookmark. It is stock FULL of power images and quotes to get you inspired and motivated. We all have our own personal reasons to get fit. What are some of yours?


Fit Girl Daily is the newest fitness and health blog directed towards the everyday woman. My goal is to provide encouragement, knowledge and inspiration for women of all ages to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. I want to debunk the "junk" information out there and simplify the latest research based tactics for a healthy lifestyle. Just as each one of us are unique, so are our fitness goals and journeys! I hope my blog can provide you with the knowledge to turn your fitness dreams into reality. Let's get started!
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